Updating lg cu5000 firmware

If you did the same, what switches did you use after the .exe, from the list provided when you run je3.exe? I just followed a README that was on the page where I downloaded the firmware (Portuguese LG support page).

It said that the recorder should be connected to the 2nd IDE as master, without any other device as slave.

OK Thanks, I will wait before I upgrade Also it's a pity that LG never enabled Div X/AVI playback through the USB port on these models.

I had a look at the tool options in the Service & EZY-Menu's but there are no USB or Divx options to change.

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It is also portable, which means that you can carry it on a removable drive and launch it on any computer without leaving a footprint on its registry.

You will get an error if the device’s details have been entered incorrectly.

The bottom line is that Original LG Firmware spears you the effort of manually searching for firmware, performing all of the efforts involved in such an operation by itself.

That option would have really kept the kids occupied instead of them putting food & their grubby hands all over the DVD player.

From what i can work out they made the USB Playback option available in the next model. It's a shame but it looks like I may still have to TRASH this TV. Select Yes with remote controller(use Navigation button) 6.

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