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After 1968, they stopped using the diamond trademark.

Heisey used romantic names for colors, such as Sahara. Early pressed patterns of Heisey glass imitated cut glass.

Of course, the paragon of them all is still Jackie Kennedy, endlessly glamorous and endlessly tolerant of her husband’s philandering.

Those who know Melania say the Jackie template isn’t a bad one for her to aspire to.

Michelle Obama, a Princeton graduate and legal hotshot who was once her husband’s law-school-era mentor, has been mainly confined to dealing with soft issues: childhood obesity, planting vegetables.

Rather than Hillary or Michelle, it was Laura Bush—a teacher who supported her husband’s turning from bottle to Bible—who seemed most suited to Middle America’s idea (or at least a man’s idea) of a First Lady.

“When we discussed about it, I said he really needs to make sure he knows he really wants to do it, because life changes,” Melania says.Heisey glass was made from 1896 to 1957 in Newark, Ohio, by A. Some Heisey patterns have been made by Imperial since 1960. The Imperial Glass Company of Bellaire, Ohio, bought some of the molds and the rights to the trademark.A pair of ordinary people, really, uniting in matrimony in the presence of Rudy Giuliani and Kelly Ripa, as Billy Joel serenaded the couple and guests slurped caviar and Cristal in the shadow of a five-foot-tall Grand Marnier wedding cake. But things change quickly—which is perhaps the enduring fact of Melania Trump’s entire improbable life—and when your husband works up a plan to make America great again, the very same Clintons you once smiled with on your wedding day can now become your family’s mortal enemies.And you can think, as Melania Trump says she does, that it’s no huge deal, really. “It’s all business now; it’s nothing personal.”Of course, Melania had the foresight to imagine that politics would bring chaos.

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