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The "Virgin of the Book" at the Hermitage and the "Virgin between St. Francis" (Berlin) are among his most insignificant works.The "Crucifixion" of 1502 (National Gallery) shows an archaic and "primitive" dryness. The "Coronation of the Virgin", painted in 1503 for the Franciscans of Perugia (Pinacoteca of the Vatican), shows qualities apparently borrowed from Perugino, but vivified by new imagination and youth, the three panels of the predella especially displaying great progress.He had found a model of a more regular type, a fuller oval and a richer form than was Perugino's usual model.His sense of life became more natural without losing any of its poetry.

The final word of Umbrian art of the fifteenth century was spoken in this page of youth and divine modesty.After a short visit in the summer at Urbino, Raphael went to live at Florence towards the end of 1504.The four years he spent there were a new and decisive stage in his career.He shortly became a sort of foreman, or head of the studio, supervising the making of those countless Madonnas for which Perugino's "workshop" was the best patronized in Italy.This period of somewhat commercial production is the least interesting of Raphael's life.

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