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Wonderful crystal clear view without a mark on this one. This one does come with some paperwork on the family and the estate from which this wa sold. Seated with his arms and legs crossed he strikes this very defiant pose.It looks as though the artist took some liberty in adding the sergeants stripes as he doesn't appear to be actually wearing the rank on his sleeve. This is the first example I have seen with this flag used as the back drop. This one comes housed in a full, gold embossed leatherette case. Item #50191 Beautiful sixth plate ruby ambrotype of an unidentified Confederate officer. The 57th would have their baptism by fire just months later at Shiloh and it was a hell of a baptism.One of the men has the Greek cross for the 6th Corps pinned to the breast of his coat. The two brothers are handsomely dressed in grey greatcoats and sporting red caps.There was an oval mat on this at one time which you can faintly see the outline of. Which brother is which I'm not exactly sure but a little research could answer that question as one brother is noticably taller than the other.They would see action at Franklin, Nashville, Alabama and in and around Tennessee.Beautiful image and housed in a full thermoplastic case. Item #67213 Absolutely immaculate sixth plate ruby ambrotype!This view probably dates to around that time as the unit was raised during the winter of 1861 and early part of January, 1862. This one comes housed in a full thermoplastic case. Item #22298 Absolutely stunning quarter plate ruby ambrotype of an early Rhode Island volunteer. Infantry insignia is pinned to the front with the numeral "4" in it's center. I have had a couple views from this regiment taken at this studio. Item #56551 Sweet little Gettysburg relic desk set. His hand rests on an early militia sword positioned at his side. Around the waist he wears a M1851 eagle waist belt with a cap box just visible. Although his claim to fame came into scrutiny following the war.I believe this was probably taken while the regiment was encamped at either Camp Sprague or Camp Casey in the northern suburbs of Washington. This one is rather small measuring 4" x 3" with a cherry base. One small blemish by his face but otherwise a killer image! Although not an artilleryman he's headed into battle with two big cannons! He was 13 at the time of the supposed exploit into the Fredericksburg battle. Regardless of whether or not he actually took part in the crossing of the Rappahannock he became a national celebrity and toured both the country and France.

A paper tag on the bottom of the wood block states that the items were picked up in the Peach Orchard on July 13, 1863 including the wood used for the base by S. This view dates to his time in Poughkeepsie, New York following his 8 week stint peforming with P. He was however not a very likeable person according to most accounts and known to exaggerate his stories if not fabricate them completely. Item #78791 Beautiful ninth plate ruby ambrotype staright out of the Shenandoah Valley.

The tax stamp on the reverse dates the image to just 5 days after Lincoln's assassination and the depiction of Booth hanging from a noose gives a very clear idea as to the sentiment of many at the time. This soldier is in fact dressed in a grey rough spun jacket with the collar trimmed in crimson and sporting crimson cloth shoulder straps. The 1st Battalion itself was decimated losing 169 men out of 239.

In November of that year the unit would be disbanded and the remaining men split up among the 59th and 60th Alabama as well as the 23rd Alabama Battalion Sharpshooters.

The pair stand on a front porch with a paneled door behind them and glass dormers on either side. Each favors an opposite leg as they hold themselves up on crutches.

Both men are dressed in frock coats and sporting felt caps. Item #89719 Drop dead beautiful sixth plate ruby ambrotype. These two men are Louis and Ludwig Reifsteck of Missouri.

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