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At times, the river may damn up or take an unexpected turn.Therapy can be a resource that reestablishes the "flow" of life and returns us to our true course.""As a licensed marriage and family therapist, and drug and alcohol counselor I have 30 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families and children who are trying to improve their lives but sometimes just feel stuck in the process.Also, Gatehouse offers one the only comprehensive vocational program in New England.At Gatehouse, evidence-based practice is applied along with creative and cutting-edge interventions. AARP Kentucky is challenging a request by Kentucky Power Company to raise electricity rates in Eastern Kentucky. Take Action: Sign the Petition to Kentucky Public Service Commission, here: Jn Kentucky Power is asking the Kentucky Public Service Commission to approve an increase of million dollars.More than 168,500 Kentuckians in the utility’s 20-county service area electric customers in Eastern Kentucky could see their bills jump.Athens Messenger, The Athens News, The Aurora Advocate, The Avon Lake Ledger, The Barberton Herald, The Beavercreek News-Current, The Bellefontaine Examiner, The Bellevue Gazette, The Bowling Green - The Sentinel-Tribune Bryan Times, The Buckeye Lake Tribune, The Elyria - The Chronicle-Telegram Englewood Independent Enon Eagle Fairborn Daily Herald Fairborn Paper, The (ceased publication?

I work online, over the phone, and have an in person office in Austin, TX for local Austin clients.""Congratulations!

AARP believes this proposed increase in electric rates hurts all electric utility customers, but especially residential electric customers, including those on fixed and limited incomes.

AARP Kentucky is speaking out against unreasonable rate increases and needs your voice to help protect consumers in Eastern Kentucky.

I also work with individuals coping with trauma/loss, depression, anxiety,life transitions and sexuality.

My goal is to provide a safe,non-judgemental environment, while I work with you to actively pursue insight and solutions to your issues and concerns.

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