Quick text and fuck

Taking the time to respond to your texts ensures she thinks about you, allowing her to remember the reason why she liked you in the first place.

Texting is a low–investment form of communication for those of you who live busy lifestyles and can’t afford to be calling, to talk about nothing. Following these three simple rules when first learning to create interesting text threads will improve your text game exponentially. Make sure your level of investment always matches or is lower than hers. You text her and she takes five minutes to respond, take five minutes or longer.

He wanted to clear up that he fell back asleep for two hours during the time his date followed up her sarcastic "you sound excited" text with a text that read "if you don't want to its [sic] fine.""I told her that if she would’ve called me that conversation would’ve been a lot quicker and easier cause that same 'ok' would’ve happened but she would’ve heard the tone," Troy added.

Troy said despite muting the thread he does check to see the responses from time to time, and he's not too bothered by them."I truly don’t care about anyone saying how wrong I was — I wasn’t excited, I was sleepy." "You gotta be able to match my excitement ..

Troy told Buzz Feed News he's well aware of the attention but he muted the thread 20 minutes after tweeting it at the time. so I responded with one eye open but I accepted nonetheless," Troy said.That time that you weren’t talking to her, there are guys that were.Your connection with Haley died out not because you did anything wrong… Texting is a great way to make sure you stay on her radar.This sub-communicates that you do not need rapport, but you are interesting in talking to her (by the response alone). These three rules will help you improve your text game immediately when you apply them.These rules are not set in stone, and as your text game improves you will begin to know when to break them in order to create interesting conversation.

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