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This year, researchers from the (Ya'an research center) have visited Belgium and Taipei.Next they will go to Singapore, Thailand, Britain and Australia," said Tang Chunxiang, a senior researcher.Her pink body is beginning to show tell-tale black panda fur.“She has started to grow black fur around her eyes and on other parts of her body,” the spokesman added.A female panda cub born from mother panda Shin Shin on June 12 is seen in this handout photo taken on June 22, 2017 and released by Tokyo Zoological Park Society on June 23, 2017.— Handout via Reuters TOKYO, June 23 — A baby panda recently born in Japan is a girl, a Tokyo zoo said today, adding that the little cub appeared to be in good health.Even before i was launched, the center was posting video clips.

Be sure to stop by the Giant Panda Research Station and welcome our pandas back home!It is so good to have them back in their exhibits, and I know our pandas are happy to be back ,too.Gao Gao has been fired up since his return, very actively walking, scent marking, and lots of bleat vocals.Zookeepers were carefully tending to the cub and her 11-year-old mum Shin Shin, who resumed her daily schedule of munching young bamboo stalks and rolling around days after giving birth.The birth of the as-yet-unnamed cub comes after the last panda’s arrival at Ueno Zoo ended unhappily, with the baby dying from pneumonia.

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