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The popularity of the Galaxy Zoo project, along with the wide use of user-friendly Google Sky and Microsoft Worldwide Telescope technology, has created an atmosphere for the cultivation of "citizen scientists," according to a news release sent out by Astronomy 2009 organizers.The release further stated themes covered during the meeting included citizen science projects, new media for outreach and communication, network-based research tools and data visualization.The eight-apartment unit at 529 Cougar Village was gutted by fire in August.The action was taken yesterday by the executive committee under authorization of the full board so that the project may proceed in timely fashion for an August opening.“The number one goal is participation,” says Babington, coordinator of the annual event.Babington, director of Annual Giving for the SIUE Foundation, said she has been impressed by the growth over the years in event participation by faculty and staff.

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“A gift from Assistant Deans Mary Mulcahy and Jacquelyn Clement,” said Nursing Dean Marcia Maurer, “the bench commemorates Dr.The full board, which will not meet again until February, gave the authorization at its Dec. At that December meeting, the board also noted that the new building will be similar in design but will include updated “green-building” features and other enhancements.In addition, the new building will have updated building code specifications, including a new alarm system and automatic fire sprinklers.The companies awarded the contracts are: According to Edwardsville Fire Chief Brian Wilson Jr., the fire was caused by a lightning strike.The 32 students who were scheduled to live in the unit this past fall semester were re-assigned to other space in the apartment complex.

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