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Definitely in my top 10 compliment getters and this is a very good fragrance at the price that’s a great cologne for colder weather casualuse.Have you ever noticed that this one is very close to chanel allure homme sport edt?The base notes are very masculine: sandalwood, vetiver and precious cedar. The combination of apple, woods, a little bit of cinnamon and vanilla at the dry down, makes it unique, spicy woody sexy. This is a very versatile fragrance that is good for almost any season and occasion. Hugo Boss, please stop selling this perfume if your intentions are to just make more money.On occasion of 10 years of this successful edition, its jubilant version, Boss No.6, was presented in a limited number. Very versatile but i prefer use it on work and cold weather. Objectively I love this fragrance when I smell it on others but for whatever reason when I'm wearing it the sweet apple opening makes me feel a bit sick - probably the only scent where that's happened to me! I have used this perfume before and the performance was good though I have moved on to Boss Bottled Intense EDP. This is for the guys who would prefer something more subtly sexy.All in all, perfect for men who put more emphasis into business than romance.**** I have had and worn this one for a long time and restocked it more than once.

The abstract of Hugo Boss style is captured in a bottle with Boss Bottled aroma.New bottle is very modern and created as a very appropriate jubilant version. Overall though a great scent that's definitely a crowd-pleaser but would recommend that you try before you buy in case the sweetness of this gets to you. I thought of giving it a try again after so long but boy what a total disappointment!! A timeless classic and after owning this off and on for close 10 years1 it’s still a staple in my collection and is 1 of my go tos for a work fragrance in colder months.This chromed, elegant and very powerful creation is available as 50 and 100 ml edt. Just purchased a 50ml bottle from one of the biggest retail stores here in Malaysia. But my goodness what have you guys done to this beautiful perfume?? With 6 sprays you could barely smell anything after 1 hour. This is just a lovely, lovely everyday scent for a man. This scent has been described a million times as smelling like apple pie and I definitely get that as it’s very fresh from the apple,slightly sweet from the vanilla,semi spicy from from the cinnamon and has a nice soft base that is rounded out by mahogany.This has very nice Sillage and for me the compliments I’ve received have mostly been when passing people.Sidenote: My friendly advice about this is if you want this to last all day go 6 sprays but I’d wait close 45 mins-1 hour before going out as if you apply this way it can be a bit loud and although it’s mostly inoffensive, for those sensitive about frags I could see it possibly getting complaints.

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