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For the first time the folk arts got a pride of place.

"The museum has the oldest and largest collection of kanthas," says the museum's executive secretary and curator, Bijan Kumar Mondal. Mondal brings out one, needle-signed Manada Sundari.

Just as well, since Dutt venerated the pastoral existence and everything related to it.

"For Gurusaday Dutt, the folk encoded a superior way of life," writes Rituparna Basu in the essay, "Gurusaday Dutt: A Pioneering Folk Ideologue and Collector".

(@Sidraaminq) December 27, 2017 Many men(and women) also taught me that I am probably living in stone age and their version of Pakistan doesn't have it this bad. it's not just Pakistan but many nations where women are treated as 2nd class citizen, not necessarily through out, there are pockets with better scenarios.

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Often the wood carvers would sketch the figures on paper first.Just as the garland was taken off, he assumed his human form...The colourful patachitra that narrates this folklore, frame by frame, is to be found in the Gurusaday Museum near Joka, on the outskirts of Calcutta. "He created a new concept of museum," says Gautam Sengupta, erstwhile director-general of the Archaeological Survey of India.But, what's even more exciting is that her timeline is flooded by Tweets made by Indian women hi-fiving them. So, without further ado, let's take a look at her tweets. You’re automatically rendered incapable of achieving things because “aurat zehni taur par mard sy thori kamzor hai.” So if I do any projects, achieve awards, or do something extraordinary, either it was “the woman card” or a man helped me out in it.

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