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She yells for help and Ryunosuke comes to save him beating the crap out of him and telling him that he knows how in actuality the GGE had his disciple writing all his novels.

Ryunosuke takes her to a room to rest and she realizes that it’s not men that sicken her, its any men BUT Ryunosuke cause she’s totally in love with him now.

However its 5 tickets for EVERY game so I’ve found playing 1 game at a time will get you to progress faster.

So anyway I started with Stalking Love 😆 The story is about some OL (that I named Yamada Hachiko lol) who decides to get plastic surgery so the idol she stalks can marry her or something.

She even agrees to let him “clean her” from the ero GGE earlier and they end up making out in the cabin.

After this Hachiko lets Ryunosuke kiss her even though she was saving her first kiss for the guy she truly loves and their “love lessons” continue.

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    ) Not sure they got £250 an hour like Sheila has though!!