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Music, Polly Pen (Off-Broadway 2014) Armchair America/Tom Bondi and Mark Holt The Armour /Ben Ellis Arms and the Man/ G. Shaw(New Jersey 2010) Arms and the Man/Shaw Arms and the Man/Shaw (Berkshires 1997) Arms and the Man/Shaw (NY/Roundabout Arms and the Man (Jean Cocteau 2002) Arms and the Man (Pearl 2006) Arms On Fire (Berkshires 2013) Around the World in 80 Days/ Mark Brown, based on the novel by Jules Verne(2008) Arrivals and Departures, see The Ayckbourn Ensemble Arsenic and Old Lace/Joseph Kesselring (2017 Berkshires) Arsenic and Old Lace/ Kesselring, Joseph (London) The Arsonists/Max Frisch,t ranslation by Alistair Beaton(Los Angeles 2010) The Arsonists/Frisch, Max (London2007--see also The Firebugs) Art /Yasmina Reza (London 2017) Art/ Yasmina Reza (Broadway 1998) Art/Yasmina Rez (Berkshires- Barrington Stage 2010) Art (London) Art ( London) Artefacts/ Mike Bartlett (London2008) Artfuckers/Michael Domitrovich (2008) Art, Life, & Show-Biz/Gordon, Ain The Artist's Life and Other Cautionary Tales/Dawn Powell short stories adapted by Kira Obolensky The Art of Concealment/ Terence Rattigan(London 2012) Marcel The Art of Laughter/ Jos Houben and Marcello Magni (2017 Off-Broadway) Arturo Brachetti Change/ Sean Foley(London2009) Around the World in Eighty Days and The Mother/(London 2011) As Bees in Honey Drown/Beane, Douglas Carter As Bees in Honey Drown/, Douglas Carter Beane (LA revival) Asclepius/ Ellen Stewart(2009) Ascension/De Santis, Edmund Ashes to Ashes/Pinter, Harold Ashes to Ashes/Pinter, Harold (Lincoln Center Pinter Festival--Summer 2001) Ashley Montana Goes Ashore In the Caicos. O (2017 Off-Broadway) Assassins / Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman (London 2014) Assassin/ David Robson( Philadelphia2013) Assassins/Music and Lyrics-- Stephen Sondheim, Book --John Weidman(Philadelphia 2007) Assassins/Music and Lyrics-- Stephen Sondheim, Book --John Weidman(Broadway, 2004) Assassins/Music and Lyrics-- Stephen Sondheim, Book --John Weidman(Los Angeles, 2002) Assassins/(BTF Berkshires, 2003) The Assembled Parties/Richard Greenberg (Broadway 2013) Assistance/ Leslye Headland(Off-Broadway 2012) As Thousands Cheer/ Moss Hart (Off-Broadway 2998) Astro Boy and the God of Comics/ Natsu Onoda Power(DC 2012) Asymmetric/ Mac Rogers/ (Philadelphia 2012) Asuncion/ Jesse Eisenberg(Off-Broadway 2011) As Wide As I Can See/ Mark Snyder(Off-Broadway 2012) As Yet Thou Art Young and Beautiful/Target Margin Company (Off- Broadway 2007) As You Desire Me/ Pirandello/Luigi, adapted by Hugh Whitemore (London 2005) As U2 Like It/ Adapted from Shakespeareby the Troubadour Theater Company(Los Angeles 2008) A Strange and Separate People Euripides, adapted by Debbie Kent(London 2008) The Bachae/Euripides, adapted by David Greig (London 2007) The Bacchae/ Euripides(Central Park Off-Broadway 2009) / Bachelorette/ Leslye Headland(Off-Broadway 2010) Back Back Back/Itamar Moses (Off-Broadway 2008) Backbeat/ Based on the Universal Picures Film by Iain Softley and Stephen Jeffreys(London 2011) Bad Apples/Jim Leonard. (NYMF Off-Broadway 2005) The Ballad of Little Jo/Reid, Mike & Schlesinger, Sara (London 2003) Ballad of Pancho and Lucy/ Solis, Octavio; music Custe, Beth (San Francisco 2005) Ballad of Yachiyo/Gotanda, Philip Kan (Off-Broadway 1997) Bal Masque/Greenberg, Richard Bedbugs / Conceived by Paul Leschen and Fred Sauter (2014 Off-Broadway) Bedroom Farce/ Alan Ayckbourn(2008) Beebo Brinker Chronicles/ Kate Moira Ryan and Linda S.

Music by Beth Thornley and Rob Cairns (Los Angeles 2013) Aladdin/ Pollard Andrew Pollard (London 2005)Bad Boy Nietzsche/Foreman, Richard(Off-Broadway 2000) A Bad Friend/Feiffer, Jules(Off-Broadway 2003) Back From Broadway: A Musical Experience/Barbour, James; Felder, Hershey(Los Angeles 2002) Back of the Throat/Yussef El Guindi (Off-Broadway 2006) Backwards In High Heels/Lynnette Barkley and Christopher Mc Govern (Connecticut 2015) Bad Apples/ Jim Leonard (Los Angeles 2013) Bad Dates/Theresa Rebeck (Berkshires-Shakespeare & Co. Chapman(2007) Bee-luther-hatchee/Gibbons, Thomas Been So Long/ Music & Lyrics by Arthur Darvill.

Clair Shonna Lynn Shyanne Sid Deuce Sierra Sierra Silver Forrest Simona Valli Simone Eden Sindee Coxx Sindy Clair Sinnamon Siobhan Hunter Sirena Sky Sky Taylor Skye Blue Skylar Knight Sofia Sofia Ferrari Solveixxx Sonja Redd Sonya Sophia Capri Sophia Rio Sophia Staks Sophie Evans Special Spice Spontaneous Xtasy Stacey Donovan Stacey Nichols Stacey Owen Stacey St.

James Stacey Vaughn Staci Lords Stacy Stacy Arthur Stacy Fuson Stacy King Stacy Moran Stacy Sanches Stacy Valentine Star Chandler Star Weatherly Stasha Stefani Weaver Steffi Stephania Stephanie Adams Stephanie Duvalle Stephanie Hart Rogers Stephanie Page Stephanie Rage Stephanie Swift Stevi Secret Stevie Stevie Starr Stevie Taylor Stormy Gale Stormy Wave Sue Nero Summer Summer Cummings Summer Knight Summer Rose Summer Smith Sundae Brunch Sunny Day Sunny Mac Kay Sunrise Adams Sunset Thomas Sunshine Susan Hart Susan Mc Bain Susanna Britton Susie Mercedes Susie Owens Suzan Nielsen Suzanne St.

Music and Lyrics Carol Hall/(London 2011) Gore Vidal's The Best Man (Broadway 2012) The Best Man/King, Robert (New Jersey) The Best Man, See Gore Vidal's The Best Man The Best of Enemies /Mark St.

Germain (2012, New Jersey) 0n The Best of Enemies/Mark St. Lyrics by Anthony Drewe(London 2011) Betrayal/ Harold Pinter(Broadway2013) Betrayal/ Harold Pinter(London 2011) Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (London-Donmar 2007) Betrayal/Pinter (London) Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (Berkshires-1997) Betrayal/Pinter, Harold (Broadway-2000) Betrayed/ Packer, George(2008) Betrothal in a Monastery (opera) Betrothed/Dickstein, Rachel (The News In Revue: ) Between Iraq and a Hard Place/Hoson, Nancy (Berkshires) Bette Bourne and Mark Ravenhill - A Life in Three Acts/Mark Ravenhill (London 2010) A Better Place/Wendy Beckett, (2016 Off-Broadway) Between Riverside And Crazy/Stephen Adly Guirgis (2015 Off-Broadway) Between Riverside and Crazy/Stephen Adly Guirgis (2014 Off-Broadway) Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/ Suzanne Andrade(2008) Between Us/Hortua, Joe Betwixt/Cale, David Beware Of Young Girls: Kate Dimbleby Sings The Dory Previn Story (2014 Off-Broadway) Beyond Bollywood/ (London 2015) Beyond Recognition/ Petrick, John Beyond the Fence / Nathan Taylor, Benjamin Till (London 2016) Beyond Therapy/ Christopher Durang(Off-Broadway2014) Beyond Therapy / Christopher Durant(Berkshires, WTF 2008) Betty Rules BFF/Ziegler, Anna Beware Of Young Girls: Kate Dimbleby Sings The Dory Previn Story (2014 Off-Broadway) Beyond Glory/Lang Stephen, from Larry Smith Book Beyond the Horizon/ Eugene O'Neill(Off-Broadway 2012) Beyond the Horizon/O'Neill Bhutan/Foote, Daisy A Bicycle Country/Cruz, Nilos (Los Angeles) Big Al/Goluboff, Brian The Big Bang/ Feuer, Jed and Graham, Boyd Big Bill/Gurney, A. The Big Brecht Fest: A Respectable Wedding (1919), The Jewish Wife (1938), Senora Carra's Rifles (1937), How Much Is Your Iron?

-- an epic comedy/Hesla, James Hesla (DC) Being Alive: A New Musical Celebration/sondheim, Stephen (Philadelphia 2007) Being Audrey/ Book by James Hindman.

[perhaps]/ Pirandello, Luigi Pirandello (London 2003) Absurd Person Singular/Ayckbourn, Alan (Broadway 2005) Absurd Person Singular/ Ayckgbourn (Berkshires, 2010) Absurdia: A Resounding Tinkle and Gladly Otherwise by NFSimpson; The Crimson Hotel by Michael Frain (London 2007) Abundance/Pottenger, Marty (Off Broadway 2004) Abundance / Beth Henley (2015 Off-Broadway) Accent on Youth/ Samson Raphaelson (2009) Accidental Death of an Anarchist/ Daniel Fo (2011 New Jersey} Accolade/ Emlyn Williams(London 2011) Accolade / Emlyn Williams (London 2014) Accomplice/ Rupert Holmes, Rupert (Los Angeles 2005) The Accomplices/Weinraub, Bernard (2007) According to Goldman/Graham, Bruce (Philadelphia 2004) The Accused/Archer, Jeffrey (London 2000) Ace of Clubs /Noel Coward (London 2014) The Acid Test/ Anya Reiss(London 2011) Across The Wide and Lonesome Prairie/ Julie Jensen(New Jersey 2010) Act A Lady/Jordan Harrison(Phladelphia2011) The Action Against Sol Schulmann/Sweet, Jeffrey (Off-Broadway 2004) Act Of God (nj 2017) Act of God/ David Javerbaum(2016 Off-Broadway) An Act of God/David Javerbaum (2015 Off-Broadway) An Act of Love/ David Landsberg(Los Angeles 2008) Act One/ James Lapine, based on Moss Hart Memoir(Off-Broadway2014) The Act /Matthew Baldwin and Thomas Hescott (London 2014) The Actor's Worst Nightmare/Durang, Christopher (Berkshires 2000) Acts of Faith/Stephen Mantin& (Off-Broadway 1998) Acts of Mercy/Garcçs, Michael John (Off-Broadway 2006) Actually/Anna Ziegler (2017 Off-Broadway) ADA: Author Directing Author/Neil La Bute, Marco Calvani, Marta Buchaca (2017 Off-Broadway) Adam Baum and the Jew Movie/Goldfarb, Daniel(Off-Broadway 1999) The Addams Family/ book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elicemusic and lyrics by Andrew Lippa( Broadway2010) Addicted/Lundholm, Mark (Off-Broadway 2006) Adding Machine/Music, Joshua Schmidt;libretto, Jason Loewith and Mr.) Application Pending/ Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg / (2015 Off-Broadway) The Arab-Israeli Cookbook.Soans, Robin (Los Angeles) The Arabian Nights/ Mary Zimmerman(DC 2010) Arabian Nights/Zimmerman, Mary (Philadelphia 2004) Arcadia(Connecticut 2014) Arcadia / Tom Stoppard (2014 Philadelphia) Arcadia/ Tom Stoppard(London 2009) Arcadia/Tom Stoppard ( Broadway 2011) Archbishop Supreme Tartuffe/ Alfred Preisser and Randy Weiner (2009) Architecting/ The TEAM(Off-Broadway2009) Architecting/ the TEAM with additional Collaborating Writers: Davey Anderson, Nathan Wright, Lucy Kendrick Smith(London2009) The Architecture of Loss/Cho, Julia Are We There Yet? /John Guare (New Jersey 2012) Argonautika/ Mary Zimmerman(New Jersey 2008) Argonautika, The Voyage Of Jason And The Argonauts/Zimmerman, Mary (Chicago) Arguendo/Elevator Repair Service(Off-Broadway 2013) The Argument and Dinner Party/Greenspan, David & Herskovitz, David The Argument/Gersten-Vassilaros, Alexandra Arias With a Twist/Basil Twist and Joey Arias (2008) Aristocrats/ Brian Friel(2009) The Aristocrats/Friel (Lincoln Center Summer Festival The Ark/ Book and lyrics by Michael Mc Lean&Kevin Kelly; Music by Michael Mc Lean Arlington/ Book and Lyrics, Victor Lodato. /Rosenblatt, Roger a href="ashville13.html"Review of Ashville (Off-Broadway 2013-- see also Interview with Lucy Thurber on the Occasion of the Hilltown plays As I Lay Dying/ William Faulkner's novel, adapted by Edward Kemp (Los Angeles 2003) As Is/ William M Hoffman (London 2013) As It Is In Heaven/Hutton, Arlene (Los Angeles Aspects of Love/ Andrew Lloyd Webber(London 2010) Assassins at Encores!2010) Bad Dates/Rebeck, Theresa (Off-Broadway2003) Badge/Schneck, Matthew(Off-Broadway 2007) Bad Girls/Oates, Joyce Carol (Off-Broadway 2003) Bad Hurt On Cedar Street/ Kemble, Mark (Los Angeles 2007) Bad Jazz/Farquar, Robert (Off-Broadway 2007) Bad Jews (2017-NJ) Bad Jews/Joshua Harmon (DC 2014) Bad Jews/Joshua Harmon (Off-Broadway2013) Bad Jews/ Joshua Harmon(Off-Broadway 2012) Bad Kid/ David Crabb (Off-Broadway 2012) Bad Sex With Bud Kemp/Loh, Sandra Tsing (Off-Broadway 1998) BAFO/Strelich, Tom(Off-Broadway 1998) Baghdad Wedding Abdulrazzak, Hassan (London 2007) Bailegangaire/Tom Murphy (Off-Broadway 2002) Bailegangaire/Tom Murphy (Los Angeles 2007) The Bakelite Masterpiece/ Kate Cayley (2016 Berkshires) Bakersfield Mist /Stephen Sachks (2017 Los Angeles) Bakersfield Mist (2011 New Jersey) Bakersfield Mist (2014 London) Bakersfield Mist/Stephen Sachs (London 2014) The Baker's Wife/Stein, Joseph and Schwartz, Stephen (Philadelphia 2001) The Baker's Wife/Stein, Joseph and Schwartz, Stephen (Papermill Playhouse New Jersey 2005) Bakkhai /Euripides, Anne Carson (London 2015) The Bald Soprano/ Eugene Ionesco(Off-Broadway 2011) The Bald Soprano/Ionesco, Eugene (Off-Broadway 2004) The Ballad of Emmett Till/ Ifa Bayeza(Los Angeles 2010) The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde! Book & Lyrics by Che Walker(London 2009) Beethoven As I Knew Him/ Hershey Felder(Los Angeles 2008) Beethoven: Heaven's Voice/Russell, Ronald (Los Angeles) Before Breakfast/Oneill, Eugene Before Breakfast/O'Neill -- double bill Before Your Very Eyes/Gob Squad (Off-Broadway 2015) Beggar On Horseback/Kaufmann, George S.and Connelly, Marc Beggars in a House of Plenty/ Shanley, John Patrick (Los Angeles) The Beginning of August/Donaghy, Tom The Beginning of Summer/Foote, Horton (DC) Behind the Beautiful Forevers / (London 2014) Behold!

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