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She guided his cock to the entrance of her wet slit and lowered, feeling his length slowly bury deep within her, inch by inch.They both were breathing deeply as they joined together.She lightly gripped fistfuls of his short hair as his mouth suckled her breasts and his finger rubbed her clit. She had felt his hard cock pressing against her through his pants for far too long. She pulled his pants and boxers down below his ass, letting them fall to his ankles.Steven’s erection stood proudly between his stomach and hers.They locked eyes and Laura tenderly took his lips in hers, one hand on his cheek and one hand rubbing his strong back.She had not forgotten that this was his first time, and she knew how new the feelings were that he was having and how incredible he must feel.

She was also a bit drunk, so it was decided that Steven would drive her back to his aunt’s house, which is where he and his family were also staying for the weekend. Laura took Steven’s arm in hers as they exited by the side yard and walked to the car. I just had such a long day, I’m ready to hit the sack” Laura apologized. I’ll have my share of parties this fall, I’m sure,” he replied. She worked the top of her dress down and removed her black bra, tossing it to the empty passenger’s seat.

Steven fired up the Lexus and pulled out of the drive. She watched the enjoyment on her young cousin’s face as she exposed her breasts to him.

No, I mean I’ve fooled around with some, but not that yet.” “Steven,” she said reassuringly as she put her hand on his leg, “That’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Laura was completely impaled on his cock, her crotch resting against his.

Steven’s arms were wrapped around her lower back, holding her to him, her tits pressed into his chest.

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