Does carbon dating proved evolution dating too long

We now know that inheritance does not work in this way.

For example, if you are a body builder, and develop big muscles, your children will not inherit large muscles.

as you can say that you want to randomly distribute 10 colored balls "represent organisms in population"5 pink, 5 blue "alleles" from a pool "parents"...

Rapid environmental change results in rapid evolutionary change (as long as it doesn't occur too fast, in which case the organsisms will simply die out).

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Evolution is the study of how species originate and change through time.Nij means that horses that run faster than predators live longer to reproduce more and raise colts that can run faster. It started as an explanation  by Charles Darwin, in 1838, to explain the differences between  animals on the mainland with animals he encountered on islands that  were VERY similar with their mainland cousins but had modified  traits and characteristics to allow...The fossil record reveals relatively gradual changes in species  over time. It is used in photos to bring a good look or focus in the subject  of the photo.  Two or more colours are mixed together with another familiar colour  to improve the phenomenon of collision between any two selected  colours.

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