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Why doesn’t my mom give me hugs or tell me she loves me? I want to tell those moms that no matter what, don’t hide. If you can’t explain what is going on, find someone who can. Tell your children you love them even if you don’t feel it because some questions shouldn’t have to be taken to the grave. Anyways, I must have left Pandora on from earlier and as I put them on the song “Fu*king Perfect” is on by Pink.

I read that list and know that by having a parent with these serious mental shifts has affected me. I often wonder if my own mom was scared that her children would inherit her mental illness. Started at 5mgs.was working and I felt better than I had in YEARS but dose still too low..after 4 weeks doc upped dose to 10mgs. But into 3 week on 10 mgs...bombastic stomach pain! Went back down to 5mg.thoughts and sadness coming through. I have been on antidepressants for about 30 years and this one has been by far the best. I have had 3 head injuries with 2 loss of consciousness (LOC) so I was really fuzzy for a long time until I got this medication.""I've been on 10mg for several months.Also take Wellbutrin, but that's really for smoking cessation. She has been diagnosed with bipolar, multiple personalities, anxiety disorders, and just about every other mental condition. I am fiercely independent, have a desire for control over just about everything, competitive, and am very doubtful and mistrusting of others. Would I still be these characteristics if I didn’t have such an upbringing? And then I see these mom’s online with their children. Her life has been filled with marriages (3), divorces (3), in patient psychotic stays, many half way houses, and 2 rounds of electro shock therapy years apart, all types of therapies, and all the drugs in the world. Why did mom leave in the middle of the night again? Find the thing that makes your kids laugh, do that often. ________________________________________________ I want to mention that as I sat down to write this I stuck in my headphones.

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