College on campus sex

Nonetheless, current research suggests that sexual harassment is an open secret on campuses across the country.

A 2015 study by the Association of American Universities at 27 elite private and public research universities found that about 1 in 10 female graduate students have been sexually harassed by a faculty member.

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Harris, a noted professor of Greco-Roman history at Columbia University, stepped down from his 50-year teaching career at the Ivy League school.

His departure came amid accusations in a federal lawsuit that he'd groped a graduate student and pressured her for sex.

Sexual assault reeducation: De Vos strikes blow for due process “This conversation has too often been framed as a contest between men and woman or the rights of sexual misconduct survivors and the due process rights of accused students,” she said.

Some institutions have taken steps to curb sexual harassment by professors – Penn State’s psychology department faculty members met with students to discuss how to safely report harassment, while officials at the University of California, San Diego are looking into campuswide changes to their reporting procedures.

Surveying 221 reported cases at 210 institutions, a forthcoming study in the Utah Law Review found that alleged academic abusers were more often accused of physical harassment than verbal, and that 53 percent of the cases surveyed involved serial harassers.

In late August, a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission documented dozens of incidents of sexual harassment attributed to a University of Rochester professor, T. The brain and cognitive sciences professor is accused of sleeping with graduate students, making inappropriate remarks about women in front of their colleagues and pressuring them into compromising situations.

She added, “Colleges and universities protect big names and moneymakers with whom they have more or less reciprocal agreements because of their worth to institutional reputation and finances.” Along with institutional malaise, murky language about school policies on student-faculty relationships comes into play.

It has made it more difficult to reach conclusions about what is or isn't sexual harassment under school rules.

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