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Some would consider the idea delusional, delinquent, idealistic or impossible.But believing it acts as a self-fulfilling prophecy.Often you’ll find that this will lead to other social encounters of the most welcome (and welcoming) kind, and this is one of the enviable experiences that few but the independent adventurer have the opportunity to enjoy. If you’re in or approaching a town or city, you need to consider whether you need to stop for anything, and if you’ve got time to make it through and out the other side.You’ll also need time to check the area and set up your camp before dark.A number of the Thames weirs are well known as excellent whitewater playspots.It’s that time again – another ‘how-to’ sharing the essential tools of the adventure cycle-touring trade.There are many locks on the Thames, many of which have portages for canoeists.It is also possible to go through the locks, following the instruction of the lock keepers.

Be careful around other boats in locks, as they may not be secured properly.

Use of locks for solo paddlers is probably best avoided, and uses an immense amount of water for one little canoe anyway!

The Thames has plenty of campsites for canoeists and kayakers doing overnight trips.

This time I’m going to deal with what is often a stressful thought for every rider: “Where the hell I am going to sleep tonight?!?

” I believe that it is every human being’s nature-given right to sleep without having to pay for the privilege.

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