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Watching him on the screen is rather haunting in a bittersweet way.

Roskam seems to rely heavily on letting his actors work without every manipulating a scene with high tech camera work or any camera movement at all.

Because none of the actors are from New York, the filmmakers brought in dialect coach Jerome Butler to create a cohesive accent, which was then customized for each character.

"Tom is a native English speaker, so I asked him to play a straight Brooklyn accent," says Michaël R. "Noomi is Swedish and I didn't mind if she had a slightly different accent.

You see, in Brooklyn, money changes hands all night long. The bar is a "drop bar" in which the mob's money gets laundered there.

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These are the places where all the things happen that people are *not* allowed to see. Directed by Mikaël Roskam, this film focuses on Bob, a low level shy bartender at Cousin Marv's.

In the next seen he is seen walking towards the camera with the fence to his right and the street to his left.

See more » ] There are places in my neighborhood no one ever thinks about.

People all around the world came to Saudi Arabia for working and employment purpose.

Especially the professionals from South Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka are very high in numbers in Saudi Arabia where the statics from Middle Easter countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen is not much different.

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