Are online dating dangerous

Other young ones have unwittingly become involved with sexual predators.

These vile people first “groom” a prospective victim, building trust through friendly on-line chat.

“What troubled me even more,” he says, “was the shocking realization that pedophiles can use the Internet to lure minors into debased sexual activities.” When youths use the Internet to meet new people, they can be in far more danger than they realize.

“On the Internet, you may not actually know who the other person is.”​—Dan, 17.* “People can lie on the Internet. INTERNET dating continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

Further, quoted an author as saying: “Internet dating can be bad because people get deceived.” It adds: “People often switch sexes. Sadly, some young people have fallen into another sort of dishonesty.

They have pursued relationships using the Internet and have hidden the fact from their parents.

And what dangers does this present to those who are looking for romance?

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing A father named Michael was alarmed to learn at a seminar that a large proportion of children disobey parental rules against visiting dangerous Web sites.

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    Times have changed since the days of picking up or seducing women in bars and clubs.