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(Or, in some cases, be their true selves.) Now, it would be nice if we could all just act out our own fantasies and have non-people to aid us, but in reality, the only ones who can help us realize these desires are other people, and other people have their own desires to fulfill.This guide exists in the hopes that it will give people helpful information for meeting and role-playing with other real people.You can choose to show or hide destinations based on their maturity rating. Content Guidelines Please note that many venues listed on this page are not owned, managed or supervised by, or otherwise affiliated with Linden Lab, and Linden Lab does not endorse any of these venues.We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.Most of the information within has been collected from members of FFRP communities; all input has been considered, and most has been used.With this in mind, please feel free to submit more input.

It's currently the old Guide with a few modifications.) Introduction to Free- Form Role-Play: Free-form role-play is, for the most part, multiple people getting together and creating a story by "playing" as characters.

Getting to Know the Chat Area: The first thing you will likely wish to do is find a place to role-play, and get to know it before proceeding on to character creation.

Each Second Life destination has a maturity rating of General, Moderate, or Adult.

The guide is always open to new ideas and information, so the more input I receive, the better it will become!

This guide is meant to provide curious role-players with some of the basics of FFRP.

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